Course information

I offer two Interior Design courses COLOUR MY SPACE and DESIGN MY SPACE.

Courses are held at my home in Tunbridge Wells

Colour my space 

2 day course on colour and the basic principles of Interior Design.

This course will start on a Friday so you have the weekend to think about what you learned about colour and design and start putting together a mood board, although you can do it on the Monday if you don’t have time. 

Colour Theory

  • Introduction to colour 
  • Theory of colour  
  • Colour  harmony : Explore colour relationships, eg complimentary and analogous colours and how they work with in a space.
  • Colour context. The relationship impact that colours and shapes have on each other.

Space and Proportion. 

  • The 7 principles of Design.
  • The principles of the Golden Mean and how it can help guide you to produce a better design.
  • Design concepts and how to put together a mood board for the space you want to decorate.

Design a space

4 day course. This course will follow on from the COLOUR MY SPACE course and it’s purpose is to teach you how to produce a designed space. You may choose any space that you want to design for example a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Day one

  • Put together a design concept and the beginnings of a mood board.
  • Basic draughting excercises (you will need to bring an adjustable set square, T square, scale ruler and a clutch pencil and drawing board)
  • Measure up a chair and learn how to draw it in plan. Draw front and side elevations. 

Day two and three

  • Draw up a plan from the measured up space you want to design.
  • Learn how to draw detailed elevations that reflect your design. This can include built-in cupboards in a bedroom, kitchen cabinets etc.
  • Continue  working on your mood and furniture boards.
  • Dimension you drawings where necessary.

Day four 

  • Render your plans and elevations.
  • Present your designs for discussion and feed back .

Course Dates 2020

For the DESIGN MY SPACE module it is recommended that you take the COLOUR MY SPACE module first as it will give you more design insight, but it is not essential. The modules do not have to be taken consecutively.


Friday 10 September to Monday 12th September       

Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th September

Friday 30th & September Monday 3rd October          

Tuesday 4th October to Friday 7th October


COLOUR MY SPACE – 2 day course £125.00

DESIGN MY SPACE 4 day course £235.00

COLOUR AND DESIGN MY SPACE – 6 day course £ 345.00 – Colour my space and Design my space combined.

I also do a one day group colour course at clients homes upon request. Prices depend on the location and number of people attending. Please email me for further information if you are interested

The maximum amount of students per course is 8 people. This is to ensure that you get help and guidance when you need it.


The course starts at 10.00 am and finishes 3.45 pm

Lunch is between 12.30 and 1.30pm.

(We are walking distance from the town centre )

What you need to bring


  • Note book
  • Pencil and black ink pen


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