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Importance of colour

Design is both creative and practical, a design needs to work, fulfill the requirements that have been set out, as well look good so that it is a space that is a pleasure to be in.

From a small survey taken from people with different occupations, between the age group of 18 to 60, their perceptions were as follows:

What is the first thing you notice in an interior space?

Space and Form :    32%

Light : 20%

Colour: 11%

Decoration 25%

Furniture 11%

Light and colour are related. A dark colour will make a space feel darker and smaller and a light colour a space lighter and bigger. Off course decoration (form) can also be linked with colour, it may not be apparent initially but it is very relevant to the look and feel of a space. A bold red vase will make a stronger feature than a glass one for example, or in a white room, the form of a white sofa will be blend in, but in a black room stand out.

Below are interior spaces painted in black and in white

Colour Inspiration

Nature can often be a great source of inspiration when you are putting together a colour scheme for an interior.

Colour my Space. Flyer for 2020

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